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Barbara Mertus - Writer - Poet - Author - Books - and Short Stories

Barbara Mertus - Writer - Poet - Author - Books - and Short Stories

Dare To Fail - Robert Craig - Keystone Science Center


Dare To Fail - Robert Craig - Keystone Science Center

About Barbara

A lifelong passion to write & Explore Nature


My fiction books? Grit and Distraction with four short stories will be selling soon. I am anxious to get the re-writing process completed on my poetry, a novel and a memoir. I'm a firm believer in editing until the beat of the piece has a rhythm. That takes time and patience. 

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My Roots - a Slovak Family


They came a long way! Grandpa Mertus sailed to America on the SS Carpathia the ship that came to Titanic's rescue, but not that year. Would both of my Grandmothers  have wanted to write? Not sure, but they both read and studied the Bible

My Bio Blog

I enjoy creating digital art


Pictures, pictures, pictures! I get excited about novels, poetry and memoir.  Photography helps my writer mind relax from editing. Some of my digital work is located on my Pinterest business page under Kustem Creations LLC . You can also catch me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. 

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Didgeridoo -  Do you like music and social paradox, adventure and love?

Carlson Red - Does your past claim you, or the present still drive you.

Timur the Lame - and then there is this long ago Mongol and two passionate characters caught between past and present. 

The Chalk Mark - Divorce? Do you think about it? The ever  present question on why do lovers stay together. This story takes place on the Island of Texel, Netherlands, in the late 1800's. 

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Barbara Mertus

Dillon, Colorado 80435, United States

(970) 968-2744


Used to be in the business world, now I write for my career. My publishing Company is called Kustem Creations LLC . Please contact me if you have questions. 


How I Got Here

Writer - Author - Books

It's never too late to start writing. Pick up your pen , open an inexpensive spiral notebook and start a practice . Of course you can write on your computer too, but write every day.  Don't edit as you write and say "NO" to worry.  Daily practice exercises your brain. You're not going to publish the words, no one is looking over your shoulder. Be a kid again and Just Write. 

My career was is the business world. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Regis University in Denver, CO with a Major in Accounting and a Minor in Business Law.  My business career was a wild ride for numerous years. I found my High Country Mountain job in Water Rights, Business Administration and Accounting for the Snake River Water District located in Keystone, Colorado.

Born in Ohio, my chosen state was Colorado.  A dream to move and live out west? You bet, that was me; skinny with no personality but I loved to  jump on my bed in Akron, Ohio. My nighttime routine was to listen to he whistles and echos  of the B & O (Baltimore and Ohio ) train as it wound its way past the rubber shops, and the auto stamping plants.  Unions ruled. My Father was a Tool & Die Engineer, and a Union Steward, at Ford Motor Company. 

Guess I wanted my own fairy tale dream of escape and I took the chance. Goofed up along the way, made my share of mistakes, but I was determined to follow a passionate personal life in the west where I could exercise outside with plenty of sunshine.  Who wouldn't want to learn to ski and backpack and hike and sleep underneath the stars? I also wanted to read and write poetry, fiction and memoir. Life requires money  and my family was not wealthy. Adventure , travel, and finding a man to love me, was squeezed between long work hours. The cost of living has always been outrageous where I live. 

Fast paced, that was and still is my life in the High Country of Colorado. I've had physical setbacks, who hasn't. Recovery times have taught me to do my best to live  without fear, and I want to die with no regrets. Therefore, I plan  my days and stick to a schedule. 

Inside, I'm still the introverted little girl, stumbling around with stubby pencils and pens in my pockets, with a vision to become a writer.  Both my Mother and Father understood my desire to write, but I needed a real job and they talked me out of a Bachelor of Arts.   My siblings had their own lives to figure out,  we all had to find jobs.  I was a dreamer and I knew I had to plan my future.  My childhood taught me a lot about looking out for myself and yes, caring about family and friendships. 

I am an introvert, and loud social venues make me crabby. My husband and I enjoy Summit County Colorado and the lifestyle of the Rocky Mountain Ski Areas. I can always give out advice on where to ski, my favorite bike trails, and places to hide from the tourists.  The rest? Ahh, your life is yours, to squander, invest in, or take chances. Shut down your cell phone, turn off the TV, walk outside and look at this planet which spins ninety three - million miles from the sun . Don't forget to write.

My Blogs

My Poetry Blog  -  I wanted to become Poet Laureate of the United States, just like Robert Frost...This delusion has never vanished. My poems are diverse. Passion, politics, depression, my love of the outdoors, skiing, and even fiction poems. I've been writing poetry since I was ten.

My Bio Blog - This Blog chats about my life in Colorado and the difficulty of self publishing, just to get a workable website takes a lot of hours. I write about my Slovak heritage and how I keep myself moving on the writer path. This blog keeps me editing, polishing a bit and not falling into Writer's Block.  Thanks for reading and comments are appreciated. 

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